City West Community Financial Services


06 May


City West Community Financial Services Limited (CWCFSL) – operator of the Community
Bank Darling Square (Bendigo Bank branch in Haymarket) will acquire the banking book of
Balmain-Rozelle Community Financial Services Limited (BRFSL). The banking book includes
rights in relation to the revenue from BRFSL’s loans, deposits, and other revenue-generating
business (Transaction).

Following consultation with Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited, CWCFSL has entered a
conditional Transaction. The Transaction is subject to conditions that include BRFSL
obtaining the approval of its shareholders.

The expected completion in June 2022 will result in the banking book being domiciled with
CWCFSL. CWCFSL will look to build upon the significant contributions that BRFSL has made to
its Customers and the Community.

Whilst BRFSL’s Community Bank Balmain-Rozelle branch will close, our team members are
committed to continue to serve and engage with existing Customers, as we have done for
over 10 years, and welcome new Customers.

CWCFSL has a proven community engagement record and will support initiatives within the
Balmain and Roselle communities that make an identifiable and measurable difference.
CWCFSL is enthusiastic about supporting our existing and BRFSL Customers and will work to
actively engage and extend its community and banking relationships.

Raymond Tai


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