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Peachy Hongsuwong

Peachy Hongsuwong

Board responsibilities: Director and Marketing

Peachy has a degree in International business and Masters in Marketing from UTS and UNSW. She has over 10 years experience in a wide range of businesses and marketing roles including online search marketing, marketing executive at NSW’s peak business organisation; NSW Business Chamber – where she was working along side local businesses across Australia and most recently, a business development role in the technology sector.

Peachy’s family migrated to Australia over 2 decades ago and since then, they have owned businesses in a number of industries. She attributes her successes in life to the communities, and the people in them, that have helped herself and her family navigate life in Australia.

She is an advocate for diversity and loves sharing the various experience she has gained to the next generation; with the hope of having meaningful impact, no matter how small, to their future success. You often find her speaking at universities events and in mentoring programs.